Hear Aris Baras, M.D., describe how RGC discovered GPR75

Speaker 1

We are really hooked on this idea of genetics to therapeutics. It really provides us unbelievable insights and starting points to revolutionize and rewrite the rules of drug discovery and development. We're really excited about this finding, the discovery of GPR75 and mutations that are protective for obesity. We really believe this is an actionable finding, and once you start to realize that there's actually millions and tens of millions of variants out there across our genome, and it's only going to grow the more and more we study this, we're able to mine that now and find those really important changes, those variants that have a big impact on your health and disease. People should think about the RGC as really an engine for discovery and help translating new targets and genetics to therapeutics. So we work around the world with many different medical centers doing genetics on hundreds of thousands, millions of people of all diverse backgrounds and all diseases.

We have infrastructure here, automation, robotics, the latest and greatest technologies in genetics, and we're plugged into a world-class ecosystem of R & D, going from biology to therapeutics, clinical trials, really marching forward, game-changing therapeutics to new medicines. And that is just an incredibly exciting quest to be on, to look for these protective genetics and further, to be able to drive them forward and not just have it be a scientific discovery, but for those things to actually quickly translate into new medicines that hopefully can confer those amazing protective genetic benefits, those genetic superpowers to the very few, the one in a thousand, the one in a million that hit the genetic lottery. And now we try to take those new medicines that mimic those genetics, and we try to help the masses, right? The hundreds of thousands, the millions that may be suffering with heart disease, with obesity, we're even searching for these protective genetics in cancer. So it's an incredibly exciting thing to be involved in.

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