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Partnering with Regeneron is different. As one of the industry’s longest-standing and most successful biotech companies, we have stayed true to our science-driven roots while becoming a fully integrated biopharma company with global reach, a diverse product portfolio and resources that rival those of "big pharma." We fiercely cultivate and maintain our entrepreneurial culture, nimble decision-making ability and highly collaborative approach to science and drug development. Importantly, we will always prioritize investment in technology and innovation.

Nouhad Husseini: Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Business Strategy.

“We look for partners who can complement and expand upon Regeneron's extensive in-house capabilities, strengthening our collective ability to address serious diseases and help people in need.”

Nouhad Husseini
Senior Vice President, Corporate
Development and Business Strategy

Andrew Murphy, PhD: Executive Vice President, Research.

"Our research collaborations are some of the most exciting in industry or academia. We love to come together to debate complex scientific concepts, identify program efficiencies and brainstorm what the future of medicine could look like."

Andrew Murphy, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Research

Our platforms and expertise

We take great pride in our technology platforms that enhance and accelerate the full drug discovery and development continuum. Whether it be developing new methods to support the world’s most ambitious effort in human genetic sequencing, leading the way in antibody discovery and engineering with VelociSuite®, building world-leading biologics production capabilities, or investigating novel genetics medicine approaches, our platforms and expertise bring unique value to our collaborations and collaborators.

The Regeneron Genetics Center® (RGC™) logo.

The Regeneron Genetics Center® (RGC) is one of the most comprehensive and actionable genetic databases in the world.

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VelociSuite® logo on a computer monitor.

Our proven proprietary technology
platform VelociSuite® accelerates,
improves and disrupts the traditional drug
development process.

 Discover VelociSuite®  technologies

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The Industrial Operations and Product Supply (IOPS) team is responsible for the production of Regeneron products.

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Our product portfolio and investigational pipeline are powered by end-to-end research and development capabilities.

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Our business development strategy

Our strategy is simple: follow the science. The next game-changing innovation could be relevant for any therapeutic area, and we go wherever the most promising research may take us.


New licensing and collaboration agreements over the past 5 years

cutting edge

Gene Editing / Cell Therapy / RNAi / mRNA / Vaccines / Peptide Vaccines / Small Molecules and more

unmet patient
needs without

Ophthalmology / Hematology / Oncology / Immunology & Inflammation / Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases / Infectious Disease

We are open to collaborations that represent true scientific and technological advances that benefit patients, regardless of therapeutic area. Our unique approach leverages the expertise of our collaborators by combining Regeneron’s own homegrown technologies and innovations to take drug development to the next level.
For example, we consider:

  • Emerging platform technologies that will help us stay at the forefront of the antibody discovery field and/or support our rapidly growing efforts in the field of genetics medicines.
  • Compelling research with an opportunity to partner on development or commercial activities for high-potential therapeutics. However, with a highly productive internal discovery engine, we maintain a high bar when it comes to adding externally discovered assets to our rapidly growing portfolio.
  • Out-licensing rights to our products and technologies that can help bring medicines to patients faster and on a larger scale. 
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Our collaborators

The best work happens when we find synergies between emerging innovation from external partners and our own science and technology. We are holistic partners committed to the success of our collaborations. From start to end, our tenured Research & Development and Commercial leaders are deeply engaged in collaborations and our Strategic Alliances team serves as a champion and true business partner. 

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Some of our current collaborators

Access to Regeneron technologies &
medicines for third-party studies

Regeneron believes that academic and research institutions can further extend the impact of our science, technology and medicine. We provide access to our tools, investigational candidates and approved medicines to partners who are seeking deeper biologic knowledge and new ways to improve patient care. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss academic and research collaborations in the following areas:

  • Preclinical research collaborations providing investigators and research institutions access to our proprietary animal models, cell lines and/or other technologies, as well as our approved and pipeline medicines for use in non-human studies.

  • Third-party research collaborations providing investigators and clinicians with access and/or funding for our approved and pipeline medicines for use in clinical, non-interventional and sample analysis studies.

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Licensing and collaboration opportunities

If you are a business development executive interested in licensing and collaboration opportunities:

Third-party clinical research

If you are a third-party investigator or clinician seeking funding for:

  • Investigator-initiated studies
  • Research collaborations
Preclinical research collaborations

If you are an academic or research institution interested in discussing non-clinical research collaborations:

Genetics research collaborations

If you are interested in collaborations in genetic research collaborations:

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