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Our proprietary VelociSuite® technologies and services improve and accelerate the way medicines are traditionally discovered and developed. We’ve raised the bar for Research & Development (R&D) excellence and productivity in biotech.

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Our core capabilities for target discovery and validation are enabled by a series of Regeneron-invented technologies that accelerate, improve and disrupt the traditional drug discovery and development process. Collectively, these technologies represent some of the most valuable biotechnologies ever created, and aid our efforts to continuously accelerate the average timeline from discovery to drug approval — ultimately allowing us to help more patients around the world, faster. Regeneron also provides the VelociSuite® technologies to its collaborators as vital services to assist in the drug discovery and development process.

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Our Regeneron-invented technologies
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VelociGene enables rapid, automated and high-scale manipulation of mouse DNA, with almost no limitations on the size and sophistication of modifications. This enables unprecedented speed and capacity for the validation of therapeutic targets and the creation of animal models of human disease. We have a long history and deep expertise in mouse genetics — in 2006, VelociGene was selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of its Knockout Mouse Project, an unprecedented effort to determine the function of thousands of unknown genes. Under the NIH grant, we took on the challenge of targeting 3,500 of the most difficult genes.

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VelociMouse is a breakthrough technology that enables the immediate generation of genetically altered mice directly from modified embryonic stem cells, thereby avoiding the need to breed multiple generations. This technology has dramatically shortened the time needed to engineer genetically modified mice, while at the same time reducing costs and improving precision.

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VelocImmune is our unique technology for producing fully human monoclonal antibodies. VelocImmune creates a multitude of optimized antibody drug candidates efficiently and directly from immunized mice. This approach overcomes the limitations of traditional platforms by rapidly creating fully human antibodies that tightly bind to therapeutic targets and avoid potential immune responses that may occur in patients receiving antibodies that contain nonhuman (typically mouse) components.

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VelociMab is a group of technologies that allow us to move with unprecedented speed from identification of a therapeutic antibody into clinical studies. VelociMab enables the high-throughput screening of potential therapeutic antibodies and the rapid generation of cell lines for recombinant human antibodies. It allows researchers to go from mouse immunization to production cell line bioreactor harvest within eight months.


VelociT is our service for producing genetic sequences for our partners and collaborators to assist in the creation of fully human therapeutic T-cell receptors (TCR) against tumor and viral antigens.


VelociHum is our immunodeficient mouse platform that can be used to accurately test human therapeutics against human immune cells and to study human tumor models. Through genetic humanizations, VelociHum mice have been optimized to allow for better development of human immune cells in vivo, as well as to allow for engraftment of primary patient-derived tumors that do not take in other commercially available mice.


Veloci-Bi allows for the generation of full-length bispecific antibodies similar to native antibodies that are amenable to production by standard antibody manufacturing techniques and likely to have favorable antibody-like pharmacokinetic properties.

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Antibody pioneers

Thanks to our technologies, we have accelerated and improved the traditional drug-development process. Our deep scientific expertise has allowed us to discover, develop and manufacture many antibody medicines from beginning to end.

Our rapid response to infectious diseases

We are always looking for ways to make the drug discovery process faster and more efficient, especially in scenarios where help is desperately needed. To address emerging or rapidly spreading infectious diseases, Regeneron has applied our VelociSuite® technologies in a ‘rapid response’ manner that parallel tracks certain steps and speeds hand-offs between groups in order to advance novel antibody treatments faster than ever. We’ve been proud to apply our homegrown technologies and novel scientific approach to respond to public health challenges like Ebola, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and COVID-19.

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Regeneron trap technology

Our Trap technology was motivated by a dissatisfaction with the specificity and binding affinity of human antibodies that could be developed using the most-advanced antibody technologies at the time. Building on insights into the basic mechanisms of receptor action discovered at Regeneron, our scientists developed a general approach to create high-affinity blockers for many different types of signaling molecules. This novel Regeneron Trap technology creates circulating "decoy receptors" capable of reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of a signaling protein.

Cell production

Our EESYR®, FASTR® and NICE® technologies and services significantly increase protein-production yields in cell-line development for our research and clinical programs, as well as for our partners:

  • EESYR provides site-specific integration into a transcriptional hot spot in the eukaryotic cell genome, resulting in rapid isolation of cells capable of high-level expression of recombinant therapeutic proteins
  • FASTR is a quantitative cell-surface display technology that enables the use of flow cytometry to select eukaryotic cells that secrete the highest levels of recombinant therapeutic proteins
  • NICE enables the control of the expression of secreted, recombinant therapeutic proteins in eukaryotic cells
EESYR®, FASTR®, and NICE® technologies
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