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Our legacy with STS

We are proud to have several STS alumni among our employee base, including Len Schleifer, MD, PhD, Board co-Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer, and George Yancopoulos, MD, PhD, Board co-Chair, President and Chief Scientific Officer.

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Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Expanding our global STEM commitment

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a program of Society for Science (Society), is the world's largest high school STEM competition. Established in 1950, it gives talented and brilliant young scientists around the world a global stage to share their outstanding STEM research and compete for $8 million in awards, prizes and scholarships.

Each year, over 175,000 students compete in the Society's more than 400 affiliated high school science fairs around the world. Top winners earn the right to compete at Regeneron ISEF, where nearly 1,600 finalists are judged in 22 different categories, including Regeneron’s sponsored categories of Biochemistry, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Robotics and Intelligent Machines, and Translational Medical Science.

Regeneron has sponsored Regeneron ISEF since 2019, welcoming over 5,000 high school students from 64 countries and distributing nearly $22 million in awards, prizes and scholarships to the world’s top young scientists. In 2023, we announced an additional $34 million over five years, a $10 million increase from our previous commitment level. We’re proud that through our sponsorship of Regeneron ISEF, we can support students in transforming their high school research into strong academic pursuits and future innovation.

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Learn more about how Regeneron is fostering the next generation of scientists

A closer look at how Regeneron ISEF is providing the world's most promising young scientists and engineers with the tools, resources and a global platform to drive innovation.

Regeneron ISEF: A Competition of Society for Science.
Students in the Regeneron ISEF competition.
Illuminating a Path to Careers in STEM

Regeneron sponsors ISEF with the hope of illuminating the path from passionate high school research to illustrious STEM careers. Our University Relations team actively engages with the Society to bring Regeneron ISEF alumni to our organization as interns, with the aim of setting a similar precedent for others in the industry and research sectors to follow.

We are proud to have a number of ISEF alumni who work at Regeneron, from internships to full-time roles, in areas such as Research and Preclinical Development, Industrial Operations and Product Supply and Global Development. In 2022, approximately one in 10 Regeneron interns had formerly participated in a Regeneron Social Impact program, up more than 50% from the previous year.

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