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Expose young minds to the power of science

We provide access to hands-on science experiences that ignite a spark in students, build connections and positively impact their attitudes toward science.

Our partners and programs include:
Regeneron DNA Learning Center
Regeneron DNA Learning Center

The Regeneron DNA Learning Center (DNALC), a program of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, includes two state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms where visiting middle- and high-school students receive hands-on biotechnology instruction delivered by educators and Ph.D. biologists.

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Since 2010, Regeneron has helped more than 300,000 students do participate in inquiry-based, hands-on science experiments aboard BioBus’s research-grade mobile science labs. Through the BioBus internship program, students pursue scientific careers with research experience and mentorship. BioBus works primarily with people historically excluded from the scientific community.

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Students can pursue their scientific careers through the BioBus's intern program

Equip students with scientific skills

We work directly with students and their teachers to enhance STEM learning, build critical skills and mindsets and prepare future leaders for STEM careers.

Our partners and programs include:
Science News in High Schools

Regeneron supports Society for Science in providing Science News magazine subscriptions, online access, and educational teaching resources to 4,000 high schools.

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STEM teaching fellowship

Regeneron has partnered with the STEM Leadership Center to offer a competitive 16-month fellowship opportunity for local science educators in New York State. Operating since 2013, the fellowships offer STEM teaching preparation and professional development, including graduate coursework and a two-week lab mentorship at Regeneron. At the end of the fellowship, participants earn a STEM Leadership Certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University and NASA Endeavor as well as a Certificate of Completion from Regeneron.

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High School Research
Teachers Conference

Each fall, Regeneron and the Society for Science bring 200 research teachers, of all experience levels, on an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to share best practices and troubleshoot challenges they face in supporting students in independent science research.

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Regeneron High School Research Teachers Conference

Elevate the best and brightest young scientists

We cultivate, challenge and reward top scientific talent by providing high-quality science research experiences and supporting science competitions.

Science competitions

One of our most important endeavors at Regeneron is to advance the future of scientific innovation by supporting the best and brightest young minds as they pursue their careers in science research.

Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS)

The Regeneron STS is the nation’s most prestigious pre-college science and mathematics competition.

Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS)

Established in 1942, it recognizes the best and brightest young scientists for demonstrating exceptional scientific leadership potential. Learn more about our 10-year, $100 million commitment.

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

The Regeneron ISEF is the world's largest high school STEM competition. Established in 1950, it gives the world's noteworthy young scientists a global stage to share their outstanding STEM research, and compete for more than $5 million in awards, prizes and scholarships. Learn about our commitment of approximately $24 million over a five-year period.

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Regional science and engineering fairs

Regeneron is a founding supporter and title sponsor of the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair showcasing the research of 700+ students from 40 schools. Regeneron also sponsors the Greater Capitol Region Science and Engineering Fair which highlights projects from 125+ students in the area.

Westchester Science
and Engineering Fair
Regeneron sponsors the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair and the Greater Capitol Region Science and Engineering Fair
High School Science Research Mentorship Program

For nearly 10 years, our program has offered an immersive, scientist-led summer research experience to high school students in the program.

Regeneron high school science research mentorship program
YPIE Regeneron STEM
Research Institute

Developed in partnership with Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE), the Regeneron STEM Research Institute is a four-year program to provide students with access to independent STEM research opportunities and inspire them to pursue a STEM career. Serving a diverse and underserved population, YPIE has a proven track record in cultivating and motivating scholars through its after-school programs.

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Our Commitment to Science Research Education

We invest more than $3.1 million annually in STEM equity and outreach programs to help increase access to science research education, improve the effectiveness of STEM teachers and bridge opportunity gaps among students historically underrepresented in the sciences. On a national level, we partner with the Society for Science to fund a number of outreach programs that support mentorship in science research, teacher training and resources and innovative non-profit STEM programs.

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