At Regeneron, we are driven by a strong sense of purpose. Our work in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is core to our mission, our culture and our commitment to patients.

Our DEI strategy of “Better Workplace, Better Science, Better World” provides a framework to advance our talent, fuel our innovation pipeline and deliver more value to partners, our communities and our shareholders. It also underscores our commitment and responsibility as an employer, a global leader in science and a citizen of the world to advance DEI in order to help make the world healthier.

Learn more about the Regeneron Way and our values and behaviors that define who we are, what we stand for and how we work together.



featuring Smita Pillai, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer; George Yancopoulos, Board co-Chair, President and Chief Scientific Officer, and our colleagues

Video of Sally Paull, EVP, Human Resources and Smita Pillai, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer discussing the Regeneron culture and DEI efforts.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion has to be a part of the core culture of Regeneron, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it will make us a stronger company and better at our business.”

George D. Yancopoulos Board co-Chair, President and Chief Scientific Officer

As our company grows rapidly, we have a responsibility to foster our culture of inclusion. We continue to embed business practices that promote DEI and leverage the advantages of our broad-based workforce.

Regeneron employees talking with each other.
Better Workplace

We will be a place where you can be yourself and succeed. We believe bringing together people who see the world differently leads to the best ideas. We will hire, listen to, develop and advance people with diverse experiences to become a better company.

Regeneron scientist working in a lab.
Better Science

We will advance medicine for all. We believe diversity drives scientific advances and better healthcare. We will reduce bias in research and development, pursue inclusive science and technology that supports underrepresented populations, and increase access to care. We are committed to integrating our Better Science vision into all our core science, development and business strategies and processes, which we believe will drive science and health equity for all patients we serve while sustaining long-term business growth.

Learn how DEI informs clinical trial design
Three Regeneron employees at Day for Doing Good.
Better World

We will use our voice and influence for good. We are a strong community partner. We will improve the lives of underrepresented groups, invest where we can to make a unique difference, and engage and inspire the next generation.

Discover how we build sustainable communities


Learn about the hard work and results we have achieved toward our vision for a better workplace, better science and better world.


Our Employee Resource Groups are teams of cross-functional employees who collaborate to support underserved science and global communities and provide inclusive professional development and leadership opportunities. These organizations represent the diversity of our colleagues and provide a forum to connect, share their lived experiences and learn from each other. Learn more about these groups.

Asian & Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group (API ERG) logo.

The Asian and Pacific Islander (API) ERG empowers the API community and contributes to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace in four key areas: talent equity, health equity, social equity, and cultural diversity. The API ERG seeks to elevate API voices and talents by supporting professional and career development, engaging in outreach and initiatives to promote science and health equity, fostering allyship and open dialogue to further social justice, and celebrating the community's cultures and experiences.

Accommodations and Support Promote Inclusion at Regeneron for Everyone —Disability Inclusion (ASPIRE-DI) logo.

ASPIRE-DI (Accommodations and Support Promote Inclusion at Regeneron for Everyone—Disability Inclusion) ERG was founded to enhance the experience of people with disabilities (PWD) and their allies (including caregivers, family, and friends of PWD) globally at Regeneron. The group aims to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for employees living with a wide range of disabilities (regardless of the visibility and disclosure of the disability) and allied employees through outreach, accommodations, allyship, talent acquisition and development, networking opportunities, providing education resources, and employee advocacy.

Black Employee Resource Group (BLK ERG) logo.

The Black ERG’s goal is to create a safe space for Black people at Regeneron to feel supported, build their network, and increase access to career opportunities. BLK focuses on five key areas: mentorship, cultural awareness, community engagement and allyship, enhancing the Black experience and celebrating Black culture.

Juntos Hispanic & Latinx Employee Resource Group (Juntos ERG) logo.

Juntos, the Hispanic and Latinx ERG at Regeneron, works to attract, retain and empower Hispanic and Latinx employees and leaders. Juntos fosters a community and culture of inclusion and equity for Latinx and Hispanic employees through various professional and leadership development events. 

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (LGBTQ+ ERG) logo.

LGBTQ+ aims to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that recognizes and develops LGBTQ+ individuals and talent both inside Regeneron and our larger community. The group enhances the LGBTQ+ experience through community outreach, allyship, educational resources, talent development, social and networking opportunities and employee advocacy.

Middle Eastern North African Employee Resource Group (MENA) logo.

MENA (Middle Eastern North African) ERG provides a forum and a sense of community among Middle Eastern employees across Regeneron. The group seeks to raise awareness about MENA countries and culture, break down negative stereotypes, and coordinate social activities where our colleagues can come together to have fun, learn from one another, and celebrate diversity at Regeneron.

RISE Employee Resource Group (RISE ERG) logo.

RISE, which stands for “Resilience IS Essential,” is focused on fostering a supportive and welcoming community while challenging the stigma around mental health. RISE encourages discussions about mental health challenges in the workplace and beyond, and presents educational and volunteer opportunities to recognize and develop all individuals, regardless of their mental health status.

South Asian+ Employee Resource Group (SA+ ERG) logo.

The mission of SA+ is to elevate and advance the needs and foster understanding of the South Asian community. SA+ seeks to empower Regeneron colleagues with professional development and networking opportunities, provide cultural education and drive open dialogue through immersive events and celebrations, support local communities by volunteering and charity, and raise awareness of health disparities and disease prevalence among South Asians.

Veteran Engagement Team Employee Resource Group logo.

The Veteran Engagement Team (VET) ERG, through its veteran and non-veteran membership, contributes to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace by celebrating and supporting veterans and their families. VET leads programs that promote veteran inclusion, support diversity in clinical trials, incorporate veteran-friendly hiring practices and commit to a sourcing strategy that includes veteran-owned businesses. In addition, VET maintains a strong focus on social responsibility and giving back to the veteran and military community of people who have already given so much.

Women in Industry, Science, & Engineering at Regeneron (WISER ERG) logo.

(Women in Industry, Science, and Engineering at Regeneron) provides a platform to support women’s professional development, well-being and community outreach. WISER’s vision is that Regeneron is a safe and inclusive space with representation of women at all levels. WISER values diverse perspectives, supports individual well-being, recognizes talent, empowers career advancement, and positively impacts our community.

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