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We’re proud of the work we’ve done to discover and deliver new medicines to patients in need, and we are excited about how much more can be done with science as our guide. Our team draws continual inspiration and motivation from patients, caregivers and physicians, and our desire to help extends well beyond the work we do in our labs. We are always eager to hear more about how we can support you.

Our medicines

Our unique ability to repeatedly and consistently translate science into medicine has led to nine FDA-approved medicines for people with serious diseases. Unlike at many other biopharma companies, all these medicines were invented in our own laboratories and advanced under the consistent guidance of the Regeneron team.

Supporting patients
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Medical inquiries

To request specific product information, report an adverse event or report a product complaint for a Regeneron product, please call our Medical Information Department:

1-844-REGN-MID (1-844-734-6643)

1-844-REGN-MID (1-844-734-6643)

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Nilda’s COVID-19 Journey

COVID-19 survivor Nilda went on an emotional journey after testing positive for the disease, but her family and doctor encouraged her to act quickly and get treated given her high-risk factors for developing serious symptoms. Hear her story and discover what to do if you or a loved one is diagnosed.

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Supporting patients

Access to our medicines

Science, technology and innovation have the remarkable power to change lives. We combine these critical elements first in the labs and then in collaboration with physicians to test our new medicines in the clinic. We must continue to innovate once a medicine is approved in order to ensure that patients have adequate access to our medicines. Our access programs and policies are designed to make a meaningful difference for patients.

Supporting patients
Compassionate use: access to investigational medicines

Before a new medicine is widely available to the public, it undergoes rigorous clinical testing to ensure it meets the safety and efficacy criteria required for regulatory approval.

Our Compassionate Use Policy gives certain patients who have serious or life-threatening conditions access to a potentially beneficial medicine when no comparable or satisfactory alternative therapy options or clinical trials area available. Compassionate Use, also known as expanded access in the U.S., is an approved pathway that, by design, is meant for exceptional circumstances. Our compassionate use program has certain established criteria and each request is reviewed by Regeneron’s Compassionate Use Committee.

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Patient advocacy

Our patient advocacy team is dedicated to understanding the patient perspective and needs of the communities impacted by the therapeutic areas we serve. We support the efforts of these communities who raise awareness, educate and empower patients to be active participants in their care.

Kickin’ Asthma Program
"Kickin’ Asthma"

One of the many programs we support is the American Lung Association’s "Kickin’ Asthma," a national, school-based asthma self-management program for children ages 11 to 16 (Sixth grade to 10th grade). This program aims to educate and empower kids to manage their asthma through a fun and interactive approach. Children learn how to recognize symptoms, their environmental triggers and understand proper medication use.

"Kickin’ Asthma" is the only program that has been proven effective in teaching kids asthma self-management skills, leading to increased asthma awareness among school personnel and decreasing emergency room visits.1 As an evidence-based program, "Kickin’ Asthma" was also highlighted as part of best-practice recommendations for schools, community-based agencies and state health departments, 2,3 and recognized as a program that is especially promising when implemented in low-income or minority communities to promote health equity.3

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Scientific trailblazers

No disease is ‘too small’ or ‘too big.’ We research and develop medicines for a broad range of serious medical conditions, including blindness-causing diseases, cancer, inflammatory conditions, pain, rare diseases and infectious diseases.

Therapeutic research areas
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Responding to COVID-19

We’re applying more than 30 years of scientific and technology expertise to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with COVID-19, there are new antibody treatments available now.

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