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A Compliance Program with Science and Patients at the Core

When your motivation is advancing science and helping as many people as possible, ethics and integrity come naturally.
Melissa Lozner, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer May 28, 2024
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Melissa Lozner, SVP,
Chief Compliance Officer

I started college intending to become a doctor, but soon found I was most interested in classes that explored the impact of science and medicine on society. So, I decided instead to major in Biology & Society, a path that prepared me to confront issues with biological, social and ethical dimensions.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this degree until an acquaintance suggested I might enjoy law school. It finally clicked — these topics that fascinated me had a fundamental legal component to them. A few years later, I got my J.D. with a focus on health law.

After a period as a litigation attorney representing clients including healthcare companies, I went in-house at a pharmaceutical company. An unexpected turn there took me into the Compliance function. This ended up being the perfect place for me, connecting back to my original interest in the intersection of science and sociocultural forces. In an industry that contributes so tremendously to society, I loved being in a role aimed at making sure we were succeeding the right way.


I was thrilled to become Regeneron’s Chief Compliance Officer in 2022, attracted to how the company represents the best of both large pharmaceutical companies and small biotech startups. I saw an exciting opportunity for creativity and growth in guiding our Compliance function into the future, especially as we announced we were expanding our business activities internationally.

I knew I would have the full support of Regeneron leadership on this journey. It was immediately obvious to me that Regeneron’s success is not only the result of groundbreaking science but also an unwavering commitment to doing what’s right. Co-founders Len Schleifer and George Yancopoulos built the company on this principle, and it remains something that is deeply personal to them.

As I’ve settled into my role, I’ve experienced firsthand how Len and George’s dedication to ethical behavior infuses a unique element into our Regeneron Way culture, which is grounded in a commitment to “Doing Well by Doing Good” that makes compliance an essential part of everything we do. Everyone from our Board of Directors to Len and George on down knows that the trust of healthcare professionals and patients — our entire license to operate — depends on it.

Our colleagues also know that compliance is everyone’s responsibility. My team collaborates closely with the various functions to ensure this shared ownership of compliance endures as the company evolves and expands. To celebrate our commitment to ethical behavior, we host an “Ethics and Integrity @ Work” event that showcases our high-integrity culture and promotes important elements like a speak-up culture.


Indeed, underlying our commitment to doing what’s right is the belief that Regeneron’s science and medicines are so life-transforming that we don’t have to resort to pushing the boundaries to be successful. At Regeneron, it’s never been our goal to sell medicines for the sake of financial gain. Rather, we are motivated by a calling to advance science and help as many patients as possible. With this as our guidepost, ethical behavior and compliance naturally follow.

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