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VelociSuite® Overview

Our industry-leading capabilities for antibody target discovery and validation are enabled by VelociSuite®, a series of Regeneron-invented technologies that accelerate, improve and disrupt the traditional process. These tools ultimately allow us to help more patients around the world more quickly, and they have led to the discovery and development of our nine FDA- or EMA-approved medicines and numerous product candidates in development, almost all of which are homegrown in our laboratories.

Overview video of Regeneron's VelociSuite® technology platform.

RGC Genetic Diversity

Through ambitious research initiatives such as the Regeneron Genetics Center®, we are conducting one of the largest genetics sequencing efforts in the world to better understand the causes of disease.

A video about the Regeneron Genetics Center.

Love Story

Our deep scientific expertise extends across modalities. Our novel and patented “Trap” fusion protein technology creates high-affinity product candidates for many different types of signaling molecules. We are expanding our tool kit to address hard-to-treat diseases by combining our proprietary VelociSuite® platform with other complementary technologies, including genetic medicine approaches such as CRISPR gene editing, gene silencing and gene therapy.

Regeneron Spectacular Science video: Biology + Technology: A Love Story.

Turning science to medicine

The discoveries never stop as we work to help people with serious diseases. Clinical trials allow us to carefully test and collect data about investigational products before they can be approved for use. Learn more about our clinical trials or find a relevant one near you.

Regeneron clinical trials

Our dedicated Industrial Operations and Product Supply (IOPS) team turns cutting-edge science into innovative biologic medicines to improve the lives of patients worldwide. Our commitment to operational excellence and patient safety ensures we consistently produce the highest-quality medicines.

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