At Regeneron, everything starts with the science

Regeneron was founded by physician scientists, and today, more than 20 years later, strong science remains at the heart of our capabilities and culture.

Through our original research we have discovered novel drug targets such as angiopoietins and neurotrophins, and we have developed product candidates to these targets as well as to others that have been validated by academic researchers or other pharmaceutical companies. We have pursued both novel and validated targets because we believe this is a strategy that balances risk and reward. We have also built broad discovery, development, and production platform technologies because we believe these are also essential to create a truly successful biotechnology company.

Using platform technologies created by Regeneron scientists, we have rapidly discovered and validated new targets and developed new product candidates.

  • VelociSuite® is a suite of genetic technologies offered by Regeneron that includes genetically modified cells; genetically modified animals; and biopharmaceuticals, including human antibodies. The suite of technologies also includes genetic engineering services for the rapid production of vectors; for the deletion and modification of genes; and for the production of genetically modified animals using, for example, embryonic stem cells and embryo manipulation technology.
  • VelociGene® is a system for efficiently manipulating the mouse genome to investigate the function of unknown genes and validate clinical targets. More about VelociGene®
  • VelociMouse® technology offers time and cost-saving advantages over other technologies used to create genetically modified mice for use as preclinical disease models.
  • VelocImmune® is a transgenic mouse technology that can generate a diversity of fully-human monoclonal antibodies to address clinically relevant targets of therapeutic interest. More about VelocImmune®
  • VelociMab® is a platform for the rapid screening of antibodies and rapid generation of expression cell lines for antibodies and fusion proteins we call Traps.
  • Trap is a fusion-protein technology that creates high affinity antibody-like molecules that trap specific extracellular signaling molecules such as cytokines and growth factors, blocking the activity of such molecules in certain disease settings. More about Traps

Regeneron employs more than 850 people in research and development functions, and over 300 of our employees have Ph.D. or M.D. degrees.

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