Scientific Leadership

The quality of Regeneron science has been recognized in the academic scientific community as well as through a very tangible metric: our four FDA-approved products, as well as every one of our clinical candidates, were discovered and validated in Regeneron's labs.

Kevin Bailey, Ph.D., VP
Pre-clinical Manufacturing and Process Development

Tom Daly, Ph.D., VP
Clinical Development and Protein Chemistry

Jim Fandl, Ph.D., SVP
Protein Expression Sciences

Neil Graham, MBBS, M.D., Ph.D., VP
Program Direction

Drew Murphy, Ph.D., SVP
Research, Regeneron Laboratories

Bill Olson, Ph.D., VP
Research and Development, Therapeutic Proteins

Nick Papadopoulos, Ph.D., SVP
Therapeutic Proteins

Bill Sasiela, Ph.D., VP
Program Direction

Randy Soltys, Ph.D., DABT, VP
Drug Safety and Pharmacometrics

Gavin Thurston, Ph.D., VP
Oncology and Angiogenesis

Pam Trail, Ph.D., VP
Program Direction

David Valenzuela, Ph.D., SVP
Emeritus, Genomic Technology & Innovation

Brian Zambrowicz, Ph.D., VP
Functional Genomics and Chief of VelociGene Operations

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