Proud to Announce the
Regeneron Science Talent Search

Fostering The Future of Scientific Innovation

Regeneron is committed to supporting the next generation of highly engaged, well-trained and deeply innovative scientific thinkers. STEM education is at the heart of our corporate citizenship efforts, representing more than 90 percent of our citizenship investments.

Developing Top Talent

Regeneron Science Talent Search

We are honored and humbled to be the next title sponsor of the Science Talent Search: an opportunity to recognize and energize the next generation of groundbreaking minds. Read more here.

Westchester Science & Engineering Fair

Regeneron is a founding supporter and title sponsor of the Westchester/Putnam County, NY’s ISEF-affiliated high school science research completion showcasing the research of 400+ students from 30 schools. Learn more here.

Science Research Mentorship Program

For nearly 20 years, this program has offered two-year immersive scientist-led laboratory research experiences to hundreds of high school students. To learn more, email the program coordinator.

Internship and Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

We offer immersive educational and work experiences alongside industry experts. Our competitive paid internship programs welcome hundreds of students with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Learn more here. Our fellowship provides three years of formal postdoctoral training directed by an award-winning educator. Apply here.


Improving Science Teaching

STEM Teaching Fellowship

Created in partnership with the STEM Leadership Center, the fellowship is a 16-month professional development education program for NY State certified middle- and high-school science teachers. Learn more here.

Science News In High Schools

Regeneron supports Society for Science & the Public in providing subscriptions and online access to 85 high schools in New York. Find out more here.


Building STEM Skills and Career Pathways

SCI2MED Academy

Our initiative with Yonkers Partners in Education is an after school program for high school juniors that broadens knowledge of science and awareness of careers in biotechnology. Students have the opportunity to learn about biotechnology and drug discovery, hear from Regeneron researchers, and tour the labs. Learn more here.


This community lab on wheels is a research-grade mobile science laboratory aboard a “green” 1974 school bus. Through Regeneron’s support, the BioBus brings its hands-on science research and discovery experiences to underserved public schools in the communities where we operate. Learn more here.

Kids’ Day

Regeneron’s annual “bring your kids to work day” takes shape as a science extravaganza with more than 500 children, ranging in ages from 5 to 18, experiencing the wonders of science research, experimentation and discovery through hands-on activities.


"The Science Talent Search was a life changing experience for me. I was presented with role models and heroes who were able to take my interest in science to a level where I could imagine turning it into a career."

George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Regeneron Laboratories & Chief Scientific Officer
Learn about the Regeneron Science Talent Search

Watch a video to learn more about our partnerships in STEM education.

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