Protein Production

Working in concert, the Regeneron Protein Expression, Process Development, and Industrial Operations groups have developed methods to significantly accelerate therapeutic protein development timelines in general, and development timelines for traps and antibodies in particular.

With regard to antibodies, Regeneron scientists have created a series of novel technologies that streamline and automate isolation of antigen-specific, antibody-producing cells; and cloning of antibody gene sequences. Regeneron scientists have also developed a series of novel technologies, including the EESYR® (Enhanced Expression and StabilitY Regions), FASTR® (Flow Cytometry based Autologous Secretion Trap) and NICE® (Novel Inducible Cell Expression) Systems, for the creation and culture of cell lines capable of producing therapeutic proteins, such as antibodies, at very high levels. These technologies, coupled with the Regeneron extensive cell culture facilities for preclinical, clinical, and commercial manufacturing, enable the Company's engine for antibody development. Our team has a proven track record of taking lead candidates from gene cloning through scale-up of protein manufacturing to the 10,000 liter bioreactor scale. Click here for information about Regeneron’s EESYR®, FASTR®, and NICE® services.


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