We've developed and patented two robust platforms for creating drug candidates

Cells communicate through the release of specific signaling proteins that bind to their respective cell-surface receptors and transmit a signal to the cell through the receptor. Signaling proteins play important roles in many critical cellular and biological processes, but their over expression, and resulting over activity, may also contribute to a variety of diseases.

In such cases, blocking the signaling protein from binding with its receptor may yield substantial clinical benefit. However, an important challenge remains - many receptor systems are complex, requiring two or more distinct receptor components to bind signaling proteins with high affinity. Moreover, it is sometimes advantageous to block multiple signaling proteins that can activate a given receptor signaling pathway.

Building on insights into the basic mechanisms of receptor action discovered at Regeneron, our scientists developed a general approach to create high-affinity blockers for many different types of signaling molecules. We call this approach our Trap Technology.

Because it takes a great deal of human effort to create Trap molecules, Regeneron scientists sought to invent a platform technology that could efficiently and reproducibly create high-affinity proteins that could block many types of signaling molecules. They embarked on the largest mammalian genetic engineering project ever attempted and created the VelocImmune mouse — a mouse capable of producing fully human antibodies.

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