Regeneron is committed

to operating our business ethically, with the highest levels of integrity, and in compliance with the law.

We are part of an important effort to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize pharmaceutical products that enhance people's lives.

We pride ourselves on striving to do the right thing, whether or not it's required by law. We choose the higher ground when faced with difficult decisions and we take responsibility for ensuring that our colleagues, vendors and business partners are acting with the same standards of integrity.

Regeneron maintains a comprehensive Compliance Program that comports with the seven elements of an effective corporate compliance program, as defined by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services:

Written policies and procedures

Regeneron maintains written policies governing a wide variety of legal, regulatory and policy matters. All such policies are made available to employees on the corporate intranet and are updated frequently.

The Regeneron Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Healthcare Law Compliance Guide are available here.

Designated compliance officer and compliance committee

Beth F. Levine serves as the Company’s Chief Compliance Officer and chairs the Compliance Committee. The Compliance Committee is made up of senior leaders of all the major functions in the company and meets at least quarterly to oversee the Compliance Program.

In addition, the Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors has oversight responsibility for all non-financial compliance matters. The Chief Compliance Officer provides a report to the Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee on the status of the corporate compliance program at each Board of Directors meeting.

Effective training and education

Training resources include live training and online compliance education, as well as online access to policies. There is also a new-hire and annual online training program that supports compliance education.

Effective lines of communication

Critical to the success of any compliance program is maintaining and fostering an environment where employees and others feel comfortable asking questions, raising concerns, or offering ideas. Regeneron has an open door policy that encourages employees to offer up ideas and solutions and allows employees to raise concerns to any supervisor, manager, Human Resources, or the Compliance department, without fear of retaliation. Regeneron maintains an anonymous and confidential 24-hour helpline at 1-877-RGN-ETHX (1-877-746-3849) that provides individuals, whether employed by Regeneron or not, the means to raise concerns over any Regeneron activity that may be inconsistent with any law, regulation, company policy, or our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

In addition to the confidential helpline, individuals may also make an anonymous report to our compliance website After entering the website, select File a Report to submit a question or concern.

These tools help promote an environment of compliance, integrity, and trust amongst employees and our stakeholders.

Internal monitoring and auditing

Internal monitoring and auditing are integral parts of the Regeneron comprehensive Compliance Program. Effective monitoring and auditing can detect and prevent compliance concerns. Regeneron conducts a variety of monitoring activities in an effort to detect and respond to potential non-compliance.

Enforcement of standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines

Regeneron's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics includes a clear description of disciplinary standards, including the potential for termination as a result of non-compliance. Regeneron publishes its policies on progressive discipline and other disciplinary matters on its corporate intranet site.

Prompt response to detected problems through corrective actions

Any reports of suspected non-compliance that are raised to the attention of the Compliance department are promptly investigated. Any corrective action will take place in a timely fashion and where necessary, offenses shall be reported to relevant governmental authorities.

A written copy of the Comprehensive Compliance Program may be obtained by calling 877-REGN-7777.

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